It is recommended to use the Freehand Bib when your baby reaches the age of 3+ Months. Normally by this age, the baby will have developed muscular strength in the neck and is capable of controlling their head movements which will allow the baby to dislodge the bottle at will.
The Freehand Bib includes a BibeeBow with an adjustable neck strap.
The Freehand Bib was designed to be used in a natural, semi-upright feeding position including a car seat. However using the Freehand Bib while driving is highly discouraged and not recommended. ALWAYS closely supervise and monitor your baby during any kind of feeding.
Yes. The Freehand Bib’s Patented design prevents the bottle from tipping or swaying thereby keeping it stable in a fixed and angled feeding position. Read our HOW THE FREEHAND BIB HELPS YOUR BABY page to learn more.
Yes. The Freehand Bib was designed as a hand support for bottle feeding. It recreates the natural position of the parent’s hand while feeding. The bottle is fixed in place with a Velcro fastening elasticated strap. This causes the weight of the bottle and liquid contents to distribute along an angled platform and prevents the weight of the bottle from shifting and settling on top of your baby’s mouth. Essentially, the Freehand Bib simulates a parent holding the weight of the bottle. Most other baby bottle holders plant the entire weight of the bottle and contents uncomfortably on top of the baby’s mouth which can be hazardous. The Freehand Bib is also made of very soft Jersey knit cotton and very soft waterproof fabric. The bib is very comfortable. Expect the baby to fall asleep while bottle feeding and follow the Precautionary Measures listed in the next question.
Bottle propping can be defined as any device that holds a baby bottle at an angle to feed a child. Technically, your hand is a bottle “prop”. As such, great responsibility should always be exercised when caring for a baby under any circumstance.
The Freehand Bib is designed to be used while the baby is in the parent’s arms, in the stroller or in the car seat all of which positions the baby in a semi upright position. Many experts advise against baby feeding while the child is lying flat on their back. The semi upright position is the position recommended for feeding to reduce the possibility of choking. In addition the Freehand Bib has been designed so that it is flexible enough for the baby to safely dislodge the bottle at will. While using the Freehand Bib, bottle feed and supervise your baby as you usually would without using the Freehand Bib to ensure a safe and healthy experience.
The Freehand Bib was not designed or intended to relieve responsibility of the caretaker, parent or guardian. Direct Supervision during feeding must always be maintained and NEVER leave the baby unattended and/or unsupervised. Doing so may be hazardous to the baby’s health. Though it is natural for a baby to fall asleep while feeding, remove the bottle from the baby’s mouth if this should occur. As with any baby product, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using the Freehand Bib and ensure that the baby is comfortable with bottle feeding before introducing the Freehand Bib. In addition, DO NOT use the bottle holding feature with the baby lying completely flat on the child’s back. For babies and adults, alike, this is an extremely uncomfortable drinking position and can lead to feeding complications.
This depends on the type of bottle you use. It is recommended to carefully look into various trusted baby bottle brands that will work comfortably well for your child. The Freehand Bib is designed to absorb any excess liquid and prevent the liquid from soiling your infant’s clothes. For maximum protection, the BibeeBow offers two sides of super absorbent jersey knit cotton with a waterproof layer in between so as to ensure no liquid leaks through. The Freehand Bib is also made from the same absorbent cotton with a waterproof backing to keep your baby completely dry.
The function of the baby bottle holder does not solely rely on the baby to do the holding at any time. It encourages the baby to position their hand on the bottle. Eventually your baby will adjust to holding the bottle at the appropriate feeding angle.
Understand the onset of your baby’s psychomotor skills and hand to eye coordination takes time to develop. This is dependent on a number of factors that varies with each child’s capabilities. We were all babies at one time and lacked the muscular strength to hold anything, including a heavy bottle. However holding the bottle at the appropriate feeding angle is the first step in assisting your child to develop the motor skills needed to independently hold the bottle. Eventually you can remove the Freehand Bib during feeding.
Yes. The Freehand Bib is a unique baby product that works with all bottle types and sizes including heavy glass baby bottles. The elastic strap secures the bottle in place eliminating the risk of the bottle falling to the ground during use.
Yes. Feeding a baby with both hands requires the adult to sit in an upright position most of the time. Approximately 12 – day and night time, 20 minute feeds – can take a toll on your physical and mental well being adding up to a lot of sleepless nights, stress and lower back pain. The Freehand Bib will allow you to comfortably adjust your sitting position while feeding your baby. Bottle feeding should be pleasant for both you and the baby.
Yes.  Both the Freehand Bib and BibeeBow are made of identical fabric and both are 100% wash safe.  Follow the care label instructions attached to the products for best practice and to ensure long use of the bib products.
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