What Makes The Freehand Bib the Best Premium Baby Bib?


premium baby bib


An excellent, premium baby bib is hard to come by. Adar & Gwenyn believes bibs should protect an infant, not cause pain or discomfort and last while the baby grows. A baby’s skin is delicate and precious and needs a bib that is kind to their skin. Your baby is innocent and relies on you to provide them with loving care in selecting the best products on the market. When you are looking for a premium baby bib, look no further.

Many bibs on the market are ineffective and do not protect well. They can be either waterproof and stiff ‘or’ soft without any waterproof protection. Stiff waterproof bibs are made of cheap, inflexible plastic that irritates your baby’s skin causing harsh and painful rashes within the skin folds of the baby’s neck. Dribble and liquid increases the rubbing and friction around the neck area making rashes worse. Non-waterproof bibs made of pure cotton do not perform to protect as bibs at all. Instead of preventing a baby’s clothes and skin from becoming wet, normal cotton bibs become damp immediately after every feed and trap the wetness in your baby’s garment and on your baby’s skin. Your baby becomes uncomfortable and irritable. Placing a cotton bib on a little one is no different than adding another layer of clothing. Your baby’s clothes are ruined. Changing clothes too frequently defeats the purpose of using a bib and cheap bibs are soon thrown in the bin.

Adar & Gwenyn’s premium baby bibs are different! The Freehand Bib and BibeeBow dribble bibs are the first premium baby bibs to uniquely combine the qualities of a comfortably soft, stain resistant, super absorbent, quick drying, waterproof bib and hands free baby bottle feeding feature, into one. Made of the highest quality materials, our bibs are stain resistant to milk and formula and guaranteed to prevent wetness from seeping through to the underlying garment. Our premium bibs are made of Jersey knit cotton, a super-absorbent, quick drying fabric that immediately absorbs any spilt liquid or dribble.  The waterproof material is made of a polyester blend which provides a pleasantly soft feel. The bibs are also flexible, as any waterproof bibs should be. This waterproof fabric is known as Baby Dry which is also used in diaper cloths. So you know that, if it’s comfortable enough for a baby’s tush, it’s excellent for a baby bib.

The premium and durable fabric of the Freehand Bib will last while your baby grows. Save wasted money on buying countless, ineffective bibs and reduce the need of spending more money on ruined baby clothes.

Feel confident that your baby will always be completely dry and comfortable.

After all, if your baby could choose, they’d choose Adar & Gwenyn’s premium baby bibs.