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Today moms and dads are busy. Now there’s a solution to make parenting easy and help busy parents throughout the day. Multi-tasking is no longer a challenge with the Freehand Bib baby bottle holder. Take stroller walks. Catch up on emails. Answer the phone or read a book to your little one.

The Freehand Bib is an extraordinary and uniquely combined premium baby bib and hands free baby bottle feeding product. It was created to alleviate emotional and physical stress and fatigue. Using both hands to bottle feed while seated in a hunched over position multiple times a day and throughout the night can cause stiffness and pain in the lower back especially after prolonged periods of feeding. The Freehand Bib decreases those aches by allowing you to use one hand and comfortably readjust your sitting position.

Make feeding time a fun time with the Freehand Bib. Say hello to hands free baby bottle feeding and goodbye to using your chin as a third hand. The Freehand Bib is great for twins and triplets. It also encourages your baby to hold the bottle and feel more capable.

Like any ordinary baby bib, the Freehand Bib is completely portable to carry and use anywhere. Made of super absorbent and soft waterproof materials, it’s guaranteed to keep your baby dry. Its comfortable fabric quickly soothes your baby to sleep making it great for those night time feeds. Best of all, it’s stain resistant to milk and formula.

The Freehand Bib works for all bottle types and sizes, including glass bottles and was commonly developed with BibeeBow dribble bibs to fit all baby sizes.

Bottle feeding is no longer a challenge. Learn how the Freehand Bib Helps.