How The Freehand Bib Helps Your Baby


What makes the Freehand Bib most unique compared to all other hands free baby feeding devices? It develops motor skills and upper arm strength so your baby can independently bottle feed sooner in their earlier months infancy.

Babies are small and helpless. They are in need of a great deal of care to say the least. Until they can hold up their own body weight during the first attempts at crawling, managing to hold a heavy milk bottle is a tough task for a little one.

As your baby develops upper arm and shoulder strength, they will eventually be able to hold the bottle independently. The average time for an infant to independently bottle feed is between 8-10 months. In some cases, it can take over 1 year.

With the Freehand Bib, your baby will learn to independently bottle feed much sooner than this average. It’s patented design teaches your child to angle the baby bottle and assists in developing upper arm strength.

A baby must possess both the strength and ability to angle the bottle correctly before the child can independently feed.

Through encouraging the baby to place their hands on the bottle, the Freehand Bib has proven to develop these traits in the infant’s early months thereby reducing the average time a baby will independently feed.



How It Works


The Freehand Bib is designed to replace the parent’s hand while bottle feeding. Magnetic fastening triangles attach together to make a platform which tilts and positions the bottle at a natural feeding angle. Lateral support arms gently snug the infant’s upper neckline. The lateral support arms prevent the bottle from tipping or swaying yet allow the platform to self adjust and re-position with the baby’s movements.

To prevent the bottle from falling to the ground, it is strapped in place with a Velcro elasticated fastener. Strapping the bottle in place uniformly distributes the weight of the bottle and liquid contents on the magnetic fastening platform and not on top of your baby’s mouth. With the bottle remaining fastened in place, the baby can remove the bottle from their mouth and safely dislodge the bottle at will.