Proudly Made in California


Adar & Gwenyn offers a new approach to the design and function of baby bibs. With a goal to fit the needs of both parents and babies, Adar & Gwenyn’s Freehand Bib is a perfect baby bottle holder to help the baby, new mom, busy working parent and dad-to-be like no other baby product can.

The Freehand Bib is the first, true premium baby bib and extraordinary baby bottle holder. It was designed to solve many of the problems caused by ineffective baby bibs and hands free feeding devices while providing all the benefits to be expected of a premium bib and hands free baby bottle feeding product. It’s durable, waterproof, stain resistant and made of the highest quality materials to last while your baby grows. The waterproof feature prevents your child’s garment from becoming soaked. Its knit cotton acts as a super-absorbent, quick drying fabric to reduce the redness and soreness around your baby’s neckline known as chafing. The Freehand Bib baby bottle holder was developed to help encourage the baby to hold the bottle and develop the strength and motor skills to independently bottle feed sooner in their early months of infancy. It’s a great baby shower gift for expecting parents and parents of twins and triplets. It is also a nice comfort gift for parents who seek a bit of help. The Freehand Bib is made in the USA and works well with any trusted baby bottle brand so parents have confidence their baby is provided with the safest materials and greatest quality a baby product can offer.

Every Freehand Bib includes an additional miniature bib known as the BibeeBow. The BibeeBow is a cute and elegant dribble bib which is double-sided, waterproof and stain resistant. It is also reversible making it 2 bibs in 1. The BibeeBow can be worn as an added layer of wetness protection with the Freehand Bib or worn on its own.

Feeding your baby has never been easier, more relaxed or comfortable. Treat yourself and your baby with the best, all new Freehand Bib hands free baby bottle holder from Adar & Gwenyn.